On April 27-28, the Anselm Society hosted a packed conference that brought together two groups with a reputation for not talking much in recent decades: the clergy and artists. More than 150 people attended the event. They included men, women, and children with a desire to see Christianity re-enchanted by wonder and imagination. Pastors and artists presented a vision for a Church in which goodness, truth, and beauty together could capture the hearts of the next generation of Christians.


Your Imagination Redeemed is the annual conference of the Anselm Society, a four year-old Colorado nonprofit dedicated to the renaissance of the Christian imagination. The Society hosts events, encourages and cultivates artists, publishes educational materials, and works with churches to reintegrate the imagination into their worship and ministries. The ecumenical conference is the Anselm Society's flagship event, which uses lectures, workshops, music, visual art, and corporate liturgical worship to educate and inspire pastors, artists, and laymen.


The Anselm Society is pleased to make available the audio from every lecture and panel from the conference. Visit the Believe to See podcast on you favorite podcast app, and scroll back to May 2018 or so!



Twenty minute talks covering core ideas behind the reunification of the church and the arts.

Workshops and Panels