The Christian imagination is a topic of growing interest. While it's still safe to call it a niche market, more people and organizations (albeit mostly small ones) are doing good work in this area, so the odds keep improving that there's something in your geographical area or your area of interest!

Our Vision Partners

We are working closely with our friends at these organizations to ensure we complement each other's work and, together, bring robust value from many angles. None of us are trying to do everything, but together, we hope we offer something for everyone looking to go further up and further in.

The Rabbit Room (Nashville)

Eliot Society (D.C.)

The Cultivating Project (Denver)

Other People and Organizations

Here is a list of some other folks you may be interested in (please note that inclusion here doesn't represent endorsement per se; while we're generally friends with the leadership, we can't keep tabs on every detail of every thing that everyone is doing!).

Studio for Art, Faith, and History

Image Journal

Comment Magazine


Laity Lodge


C.S. Lewis Foundation

Art House Dallas

Biola Center for Christianity, Culture, and the Arts

Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts (Fuller Seminary)

Josh Bales

Truth and Beauty Project (Rome)