Lecture Delivered at Your Imagination Redeemed 2018.


The rise of modernity has led to an increasing sense of the disenchantment of the world. As our rational, scientific explanations grow stronger, the sense of a mysterious, lively, and spiritual world diminishes. So what happens when the Bible meets modernity? Disenchantment happens—the growth of attempts to dissect the Bible and master its facts, draining much of its intended literary power and beauty. So how do we re-enchant the Bible? We begin by simply remembering what it actually is. The Scriptures are a collection of diverse literary creations, telling a story, and inviting us into a live drama. What are we to do with such a Bible? Faithfulness is reading the Bible as the literature it is and then accepting God’s offer to enact the story and initiate a Spirit-empowered improvisation in our world today. 


President, Institute for Bible Reading

The focus of Glenn’s 30 years in Bible ministry has been publishing, researching, speaking, and writing on the topic of reading and living the Bible well. His book Saving the Bible from Ourselves is available from InterVarsity Press. He is a leader in the development of Reader’s Bibles, and is currently working on Immerse: The Reading Bible for Tyndale House. Previously, Glenn was Bible Publisher and VP, Global Bible Engagement at Biblica. He is a former staff member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and high school Bible teacher.

Glenn has spoken on the Bible at the Q Conference, Bible Gateway FB Live!, Thrive, Radio Bible Class, and regularly presents at churches and conferences across the country. Glenn’s education was in philosophy and theology at Calvin College and Seminary. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Jain and has two adult sons.

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