Beauty, and the people who make it, got functionally kicked out of most churches a long time ago. But how do we add them back in? What's the difference between a stained glass window and a novel? Bach and Bono? And what about art that portrays doubt or darkness? This session will draw from popes and poets to give a framework we can use to begin the return of the Lost Makers of Meaning to the church.

Brian Brown

Director, The Anselm Society

Brian founded the Anselm Society in 2013. He developed a love of Gothic architecture at Princeton University, and a love of Jane Austen while sneaking out of bed to watch his parents' movies from the hallway at age five. He has spent over a decade in the nonprofit sector helping organizations grow, and nearly a decade in Colorado Springs, which he has eventually grown proud to call home. Every good picture of him was taken by Lancia Smith. He and his wife Christina share their appreciation for beauty with their two small children, Edmund and Edith. 

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