Signposts of Joy: Making Art Out of Our Longing for Home



To our increasingly uprooted generation, the elements of Joy that C.S. Lewis called “signposts” can be startling; we are deeply moved by certain stories, songs, art pieces, and more, and cannot always give the reason. What is this kindling, and what do we do with it? In this lecture, we will explore the themes of Sehnsucht and Joy, see the world through the eyes of Lewis and other artists who bore this yearning and pointed to its Source, and consider how our own art may emerge from deep-seated homesickness to light the way to our true country. 



Amy Baik Lee is a writer and a member artist of the Anselm Arts Guild, where she has the privilege of seeing “Bandersnatch in action” through artists flourishing in community. Once upon a time, she studied Medieval and Renaissance literature at the University of Virginia; today, Amy writes about beauty, the longing for Home, and a house with a name from Middle-earth at Sun Steeped Days. Her work has appeared on The Cultivating Project, Humane Pursuits, Story Warren, and elsewhere. She lives in Colorado with her husband and their two daughters.

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