Sacraments and sacramental living were a daily reality for most people in the past, but often not so much for 21st century North Americans. In the works of C.S. Lewis, we are drawn into unexpected insights of The Holy Communion. 


Rector, Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Matt Burnett is the rector at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. Born in Texas, he received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas A&M, worked for Compassion International all over the world, and founded Knowledge Builders, a small consulting company. He received his M.Div. from Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh in 2002, and founded Holy Trinity in 2004. In addition to his beloved work in the parish, he is currently working on his doctorate, for which his dissertation focuses on the value of C.S. Lewis's fiction to catechesis and training up the next generation of the Church. He is married to Lauren and has three sons.

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