The Cultivator's Manifesto: A Rule of Life for Those Who Cultivate Goodness, Truth, and Beauty



What does it mean to be a cultivator and what does a Rule of Life have to do with that? In our context, a cultivator is someone who intentionally chooses to nurture goodness, truth, and beauty within them, their personal life, and others. But if that sounds like you, you may also often feel thwarted and confused in that effort. A rule of life is a way that Christians over the centuries have helped order their lives toward particular visions of thriving. Some are well known, like the Rule of St. Benedict or Billy Graham’s Rules. The Twelve Steps could be considered a kind of rule of life,  in a very specific and contemporary context. In this interactive and practical session, we will explore what it means to cultivate in context of a whole life, what a rule of life is, how it works, and how to create one for yourself. 


Founder, The Cultivating Project

Lancia E. Smith is an author, photographer, teacher, and business owner based in Colorado. She is founder and editor-in-chief of the online magazine Cultivating, and of The Cultivating Project. A grateful lover of the Triune God, Lancia is passionate about spiritual formation and discipling believers engaging in the arts. She and her husband Peter run a thriving environmental and engineering firm in northern Colorado and try to keep up with their rambling house and gardens called House on the Way. Lancia loves every book she ever read by C.S. Lewis; drinks strong black coffee; and sincerely hopes in her lifetime to reach zero in her inbox!

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