Facing the Monster: Why the Church Needs Monsters and Heroes



All great works of art are at heart monster stories, whether the monsters are dragons, step-mothers, social injustices, or even the self.  Heidi White casts a vision for how redemptive art, from fantasy to irony, challenges monsters inherent in individuals and cultures through embodying the Christian vision of reality: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. 


Writer and Teacher

Heidi White is a writer, educator, researcher, and lecturer. She has an M.A. in Literature from Bethany College and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. She serves as a Co-Director at Journey School, a hybrid Classical school in Colorado Springs, where she also teaches literature. She is a contributing writer at The Circe Institute, a classical education consulting firm and research institute. She serves on the boards of Converge Lecture Series and The Anselm Society. She has a particular interest in inspiring and equipping thoughtful people to read and discuss great books and the classics. She writes fiction, poetry, and essays and speaks about literary and cultural issues. She lives in Black Forest, Colorado with her husband, Scott, and their two children. 

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