Strong & Beautiful Words: Why We Need a Literary Bible



Nineteenth-century Old Princeton divine Charles Hodge introduces his Systematic Theology with the secure claim that “The Bible is to the theologian what nature is to the man of science. It is his storehouse of facts.” So it is that modernity’s misframing of the Scriptures presents us with the Holy Reference Book in both form and function. What to do? The road back to experiencing sacred words of strength and beauty lies in our recovery and full appreciation of the Bible’s literary works. Within the biblical text itself we will find two Temples and two Torahs, helping us to encounter afresh these words with power. A chaos-denying song of creation in Genesis, unexpected architecture in the Psalms, five wails of lament that progressively unravel, and then a Second Moses surprising us with New Torah books of life and hope—all of it an invitation for us to feel the sacred truth as much as we know it. 


President, Institute for Bible Reading

The focus of Glenn’s 30 years in Bible ministry has been publishing, researching, speaking, and writing on the topic of reading and living the Bible well. His book Saving the Bible from Ourselves is available from InterVarsity Press. He is a leader in the development of Reader’s Bibles, and is currently working on Immerse: The Reading Bible for Tyndale House. Previously, Glenn was Bible Publisher and VP, Global Bible Engagement at Biblica. He is a former staff member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and high school Bible teacher.

Glenn has spoken on the Bible at the Q Conference, Bible Gateway FB Live!, Thrive, Radio Bible Class, and regularly presents at churches and conferences across the country. Glenn’s education was in philosophy and theology at Calvin College and Seminary. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Jain and has two adult sons.

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