This is a call to storytellers. All art forms, all ages.

Our October 20 pub night in Colorado Springs will be an artist takeover, with new stories, songs, poems, and more contributed by member artists. It's not an open-mic night; it's a curated program of high-level, beautiful, moving art and entertainment. 

Specifically, we will be telling stories.

When was the last time most people saw a Storyteller in action? Someone who held a room spellbound as they unfolded a tale--perhaps history, perhaps myth, perhaps fiction--that left the listeners knowing they'd experienced something special? The art of being a storyteller is different from being a novelist or a short story writer--it can include any number of art forms--and it's usually directed not at a critic or The Public, but at the storyteller's friends, or community.

We invite you to submit your story and, if it is included in the program, to come and share it.

Guidelines and details:

  • The end product must be something that can be shared compellingly with a room of up to 80 people. Delivery is just as important as content--monotones, or fumbling through notes, and eyes glued to a page do not make for a captive audience. (For written stories, if you prefer to team up with a friend who has a talent for dramatic speaking, let us know.)
  • Stories should take 5 to 15 minutes to present. We may accept ONE story that is longer (up to 30 minutes) to use as an anchor for the evening, but it'll have to be truly worth the 30 minutes.
  • We may film some of the stories. If your story is accepted, you agree to allow Anselm to distribute the video on its video channels (you retain the rights to the work itself).
  • While the audience will be primarily adults (and hardly squeamish or uptight ones), your story should be suitable for teens and older children (but dark is fine and happy endings, while appreciated when appropriate, are not required).
  • Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay you for your time. However, we will be able to provide you with some visibility, both at the event and online. If you have resources you would like to give away or sell, we will speak to you about that if your story is approved.


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What made you write it? What will the audience experience, and why do you hope it will mean something to them? Will you be sharing it yourself? etc.
For example, send us a link to a file on Google Drive, or your song on your website or Soundcloud, etc. If for some reason it isn't possible to provide your story this way, please email it to