The staff and volunteers of the Anselm Society are pleased to present our 2017-18 fall and winter season. What to look for below: we host our annual national Your Imagination Redeemed Conference in April. We meet--pastors, patrons, artists, and laymen together--nearly every month for pub nights, and we periodically punctuate these main two event types with other gatherings--Anselm outings (trips to experience and discuss art together), workshops and retreats, and more.

Pub Nights are held at Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines, off of Colorado and Wasatch. With this more communal format, we will be able to meet more often, hear from more speakers and musicians, and build community as we deepen relationships and explore truth, beauty, and deep questions together (over food and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!). Content varies; speakers, musicians, storytellers and poets, discussions, visual art shows, and more. (Who should we feature at an upcoming pub night? Let us know! )

Some of the events below are exclusively for our Patrons and member artists, and others include extra features or reduced prices for members. Click the button below to see all the benefits of Patron membership!



Community Events

Our community events are usually a bit more spontaneous, so this list will grow as time goes on!

Pub Nights

And coming up on April 28 2018...