Our October pub night will be an Arts Guild takeover, with new stories, songs, poems, and more contributed by member artists. It's not an open-mic night; it's a curated program of high-level, beautiful, moving art and entertainment! This time, we will have an emphasis on stories.

When was the last time you saw a Storyteller in action? Someone who held a room spellbound as they unfolded a tale--perhaps history, perhaps myth, perhaps fiction--that left the listeners knowing they'd experienced something special? The art of being a storyteller is different from being a novelist or a short story writer--it can include any number of art forms--and it's usually directed not at a critic or The Public, but at the storyteller's friends, or community. Join us October 20 for an evening of storytelling (and food and drink)!

If you would like to submit a story for inclusion in the evening's program, please click here to review the guidelines and submit your entry.