This quest we are on–the renewal of the Christian imagination–must indeed cross cherished territory for the Enemy, because anyone who gets too close to it gets hit with a sledgehammer. We are left dazed and grappling with the questions: why are we doing this, how can we go on, and how can it possibly matter? Perhaps it is time to be realistic. Perhaps I need to focus on things closer to home. Perhaps I just need to put my head down and survive. And most insidious, perhaps this isn’t what God’s calling me to do.

We ask how our tiny little strugglings could make a difference, or why God could possibly be allowing the darkness to close in so. In such times, in such places, it is precisely the people who sing that next song who are the heroes.
— Brian Brown

Anselm director Brian Brown recently wrote a letter to the Anselm leadership team, which he gave permission to the Cultivating Project to publish. We hope it's a source of encouragement to you!