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Soon you'll be receiving some awesome things from us in your inbox--keep an eye out. In the meantime, we want to draw your attention to two things below.

Some of it is focused on helping you settle in, whether you're local to Colorado Springs or live far away. So think about who you know who would love being an Anselm patron, and tell them to join you!

1. Next steps:

We've automatically added you to our normal email list as well as our patron list. But you should also connect with us on social; partly because we post a TON of great content there that doesn't make it into the emails (links, stories, smaller events, etc.); and partly because the Anselm Core Facebook group is the best way to digitally connect with the rest of the patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff.

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Seriously. You thought this was worth your money--do you think it's worth actually seeing this mission succeed? Then one of the best ways you can help is by inviting your friends to join you on this journey. They'll get the same benefits as you, you'll get to enjoy wonderful things together, and you can work together toward this incredible goal. Use the handy-dandy Facebook link below, or go here and paste the URL into an email or social post. Tell them why you think this is important. Let's go!

2.Upgrade your membership!

If you are limited in how much you can give financially, we encourage you to consider helping in any of the following non-financial ways. If you are able to commit to two or more, we'll level up your membership for free (i.e. if you joined at $50/mo as an Advocate, we'll upgrade you to Benefactor benefits--see bottom of page to review what that would mean). Please note that a couple of these are subject to review; e.g. if you are willing to share your hospitality, we'll talk with you about what that could look like in your case.

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If financial giving is not the main way you are able to help, you can "level up" your membership benefits by committing to helping in any TWO of the following ways! (A few of these will be subject to review.)

Patron Levels and Benefits



or $250/year

  • Two special members-only events per year
  • Coming soon: Livestreams!
  • Regular event discounts of 30% or more
  • First crack at major event tickets
  • Insider updates
  • Monthly curated Spotify playlists
  • Online Q&As with Anselm Fellows
  • Original stories, songs, and more
  • Connect! Members-only Facebook group



or $500/year

  • All Member benefits, plus:
  • Free access to all pub nights
  • Surprise goodies like books and albums
  • Discounts at Anselm partner online stores
  • Invitations to Anselm strategy sessions
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$1,000/year and up

  • All Advocate benefits, plus:
  • Free access to all events
  • Guaranteed seating (even at sellouts)
  • VIP access to major speakers