Our corporate sponsorships options are flexible. We do event-specific sponsorships from basic packages at $1,000 to platinum and presenting sponsorships at $10,000 and up. We also do year-round sponsorships and partnerships, both financial and non-financial. We can happily put together a package that will give your organization's brand and staff the visibility and perks that make it beyond worth it--and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a renaissance of the Christian imagination.

Other methods of sponsorship:

We are also seeking in-kind sponsors:

Facility sponsors (e.g. a coffee shop or brewhouse) to partner with us by hosting members-only events. For example, we might host a pub night with a guest speaker, a poetry slam, or a coffeehouse concert. (Sponsor would sell its food/drinks to attendees at normal prices and keep all proceeds.)

Food and drink sponsors to support us by donating food or beverages for specific public or members-only events from 20 people to 200. We will happily permit you to display your literature, hand out coupons, etc.


Email director Brian Brown at anselmsociety@gmail.com to discuss a package that works for your organization's goals.