About My Work

My work has included photography, architecture, bridge design, and small industrial art, i.e., pieces that are 3D printed or laser cut assemblages made from various materials.

About Me

When I began working as a draftsman in 1970, making the drawings and documents for large engineering projects, I was struck by the geometric beauty of structures that were conceived by people with creative vision. That has changed over the years as that type of design has become more "cookbook" and lost a lot of it's elegance and beauty that shows through as the form was created to be inspiring by the simplicity of it's execution. What I want to create is sort of an "intersection" of math, science, engineering and beauty that points to a larger theme of how everything in the created world has a purpose and that all those things will be a part of redemption. Outside of creating, I do the ordinary mundane tasks of the ministry of Center on Just Living and the other affairs of daily life.

About My Faith

Not too much to say - I became a follower of Christ about 33 years ago. Faith has shaped how I live and the understanding of the larger redemption story and relates to any creative activities as they are formed by doing work for God's glory.