The Anselm Society is growing fast. We've tripled our budget three years in a row, but we are still tiny. With your help, we can deepen our work, strengthen our infrastructure, and spread the results, without (ever!) sacrificing the beauty, creativity, and personal relationships that make us who we are.

  • In 2017, we were able to:
    • Hold our first-ever Your Imagination Redeemed conference on April 1, 2017, with keynote speaker and performer Andrew Peterson, an event that sold out with hundreds of people on the waitlist.
    • Expand the resources available to our Arts Guild, providing the next generation of Christian artists with the spiritual, theological, relational, and professional support they need to thrive.
    • Meet for monthly "pub nights" to allow the Society members more time together, more opportunities to grow and be inspired, and more chances for fun!
    • Record our first album.
    • Begin to expand the content and opportunities we're providing for patrons, including more video content, blogging and the Believe to See podcast, workshops, and more.
  • In 2018 and 2019,  we aim to:
    • Hire full-time and part-time staff. Everything we've built so far has been in our spare time...imagine what we could do with 40 hours a week instead of five!
    • Be a catalyst for great art. support artists with retreats, training seminars, studio space, and more; plus commission original works, hold art contests, publish books, and produce albums.
    • Amplify our impact. Put more of our events online and produce original video content for Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo to educate and inspire. Help plant the first few Anselm sister organizations in other cities.
    • Develop more resources for churches. Provide materials, advice, coaching, and ministry assistance so that more pastors and churches can thoughtfully minister to (and through) artists.

There are many ways to support the Anselm Society financially, plus pro bono professional opportunities and volunteer work. Your support will make this year possible, and produce unprecedented things for the years to come.

So, where would you like to start?


Join our patron program to support our efforts and get access to members-only events!

Arts Guild

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Member Churches

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Your business or nonprofit can sponsor the entire program or partner with us on a specific event--see the benefits!

Want to mail a check?

Make it out to the Anselm Society, and mail it to:

Holy Trinity Anglican Church
c/o Anselm Society
13990 Gleneagle Drive
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