It's not every day such an inspiring speaker comes to Colorado Springs. The Anselm Society is a growing group of people who are passionate about a renaissance of the Christian imagination. We want to find more such people and empower and inspire them in their creative quests! Michael Ward has kindly agreed to join us for a small reception with just such people. Will you be part of this special group?

How you get an invitation:

Get 10 people besides you to attend the event. Get it in your church's bulletin or announcements, email your local friends, share it on Facebook or Twitter, put a flyer in the coffee shop with your name written on the bottom.

There's a spot on the registration form where people can tell us how they found out about the event. If we see your name 10 times, we'll send you an invitation!

Refer your friends now!

Share this link via email or social, or tell your friends about it, and encourage your friends to come! Make sure you ask them to mention your name on the signup form.