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Andrew Peterson Concert and Workshop

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reserve your spot now for our year-end event with Nashville recording artist Andrew Peterson.

Artists' Luncheon and Workshops - 10am - 2pm Evening Concert - 7pm


About Andrew Peterson

For more than twenty years now, Andrew Peterson has been about the business of quietly changing lives in four-minute increments. In the city of Nashville where music is an industry in the same way fast food, generic greeting cards, and bumper stickers are industries, Peterson has forged his own path, refusing the artistic compromises that so often come with chasing album sales and radio singles and creating instead a long line of songs that ache with sorrow, joy and integrity, and that are, at the end of the day, part of a real, ongoing, human conversation. More.



Incarnation and Imagination

Featuring Malcolm Guite, Cambridge University Saturday March 28 7:00 lecture (reception to follow)

Location Holy Trinity Anglican Church 13990 Gleneagle Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921



About the Event

If we claim truth is found in Word made flesh, Christianity cannot merely be something “spiritual” we keep contained. Through Shakespeare, poetry, and John’s Gospel, this talk will explore the spark at the core of Christian creativity.

About the Speaker

malcolmguite4Malcolm Guite is a priest, teacher, rocker, and jazz poet at Cambridge University. He writes extensively on poetry and the poetic imagination.

About the Anselm Society

A renaissance of the Christian imagination...learn more.

Does Beauty Matter?

Saturday February 216:00 vespers in the sanctuary (optional but highly recommended) 7:00 lecture in the fellowship hall

Location (NOT at Holy Trinity!) Holy Theophany Orthodox Church (near American Furniture Warehouse) 2770 North Chestnut Street Colorado Springs, CO 80907

This event was canceled due to a snowstorm--we hope to reschedule for the fall!


About the Event

We all have within us a memory of someone we’ve never seen—God. (Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has put eternity into man's heart.”) When we encounter beauty, we often feel a deep longing that is inexplicable—or is it? This talk will delve into the experience of beauty in the context of Christian worship and theology.

Holy Theophany Orthodox Church has been kind enough to offer to host this lecture--you are invited to join us at their short vespers service at 6:00pm for an encounter with beauty in worship.

About the Speaker

johnsonJunius Johnson is a scholar, freelance writer, and musician. He is assistant professor of historical theology at Baylor University.

About the Anselm Society

A renaissance of the Christian imagination...learn more.

Join Michael Ward for a VIP Reception Before the Sept 28 Event!

It's not every day such an inspiring speaker comes to Colorado Springs. The Anselm Society is a growing group of people who are passionate about a renaissance of the Christian imagination. We want to find more such people and empower and inspire them in their creative quests! Michael Ward has kindly agreed to join us for a small reception with just such people. Will you be part of this special group?

How you get an invitation:

Get 10 people besides you to attend the event. Get it in your church's bulletin or announcements, email your local friends, share it on Facebook or Twitter, put a flyer in the coffee shop with your name written on the bottom.

There's a spot on the registration form where people can tell us how they found out about the event. If we see your name 10 times, we'll send you an invitation!

Refer your friends now!

Share this link via email or social, or tell your friends about it, and encourage your friends to come! Make sure you ask them to mention your name on the signup form.

Ancient Hebrew Scrolls Exhibit

On Wednesday, July 30, Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Colorado Springs will host a free exhibition of Ancient Hebrew Scrolls, sponsored by the Christian Heritage Foundation located in Cleburne, Texas. Register

After you've registered, join the event on Facebook to connect with your friends who are going!

This exhibition will present the only complete set of the entire Tanakh in the whole world that you can see. The other three known sets are in the Vatican and are not open to public viewing. All 39 books of the Old Testament will be present in 16 Ancient Hebrew scrolls.  In addition, the display will include 6 Torah Scrolls, one as old as 600 years, as well as a 300 year old Haftarah, a collection of Torah portions from the Prophets used during times of gentile reign over Israel.

The exhibition will open at 6:30 pm and end at 9 pm. There will be a 40-minute lecture about the process of producing the scrolls and the ways in which God has preserved his Word given by Messianic Rabbi Marty Cohen at 7:30pm.  Holy Trinity Anglican Church is located at 13990 Gleneagle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. Phone is 719 964-1838. Direction to the church is available at

SCROLL back card

Peter Leithart Lecture on Dostoevsky Coming Up

In prison, Dostoevsky discovered that the desire for freedom was the wellspring of human action. But this wellspring comes from a deeper source: Christ and his promise of a future kingdom. Focusing on Notes from the House of the Dead, Notes from Underground, and the Brothers Karamazov, this lecture will examine the intertwined themes of Russian nationalism, freedom, and Christ in Dostoevsky’s thought.

Click here to access the event page with more information and registration