A three-part class at 10am at Holy Trinity.

Brian Brown, Director of the Anselm Society


Week 1 (Feb 1): How do we tell stories?

Do we as Christians have compelling stories to tell our friends? Our culture? Our children? Or are we an increasingly insular minority, speaking only in “family friendly” God-talk with easy answers that don’t stick—either with non-Christians or with our children as they grow up? This week will explore how the Bible uses story, focusing on the prophets and Christ, and continue into how we as Christians can tell great stories that shake people—including ourselves—out of the darkness of their circumstances into the light of truth.

Week 2 (Feb 8): How do we listen to stories?

Bible stories, fairy tales, Christmas morning…they all have one thing in common: they’re for kids. Or are they? What if we had a cradle-to-adulthood conception of Christianity? What if we knew what to do with stories as adults? This week will explore the proper role of stories in the lifelong Christian identity—whose story we’re in, how to listen for truth in stories (instead of looking for reasons to discount them), and how to build and pass on a Christian identity that stands the test of time.

Week 3 (Feb 15): How do we illustrate stories?

Are we Christians known for what we fear, and what we forbid? Are the good things about Christianity all invisible? This week will put it all together, covering the relationships between goodness, truth, and beauty in Christian theology and worship—and how our understanding of story can move from what we tell to how we live.