A little bit Americana, a little bit Southern folk, a little bit rootsy indie rock -- a lot of good, fun music. Sound like your idea of a good time?

Lost Luggage is a local band made up of Jeff, Phoebe, and Russ--if you spend much time downtown in trendy places like the Wild Goose, you've probably heard them before. They were also one of four bands to play for the Christmas Collective at Ivywild last year.

They are playing for the Anselm Society's year kickoff party on September 4, so we took a few minutes to chat with them so you could get to know them a bit!

About us

When Jeff, a filmmaker, and Phoebe, a photographer and writer, started collaborating on some projects at work, they had no idea that they both had a music background — nor that they lived only two blocks apart. Then Jeff brought his guitar into the backyard one day while their families were having a cookout, and Phoebe started joining in with harmonies. Playing in the backyard led to playing the occasional local open mic night and after a while another friend and artist, Russ, approached the duo. “Do you need a drummer? I like what you two are doing and I’d like to join in when I can.” And so Lost Luggage was born.

Honestly, none of us were planning to start a band. The band just sort of happened. We have gracious spouses and children who make sacrifices to create time and space for us to do this. We all travel internationally pretty frequently so we’re often performing with at least one jetlagged member. Practices regularly include making recordings so a missing member can still keep up with what’s happening and practice remotely. But we continue to make music because, well, it seems that we can’t NOT make music. Follow us on Facebook.

About our faith

Each of us was raised in a Christian family and attended Christian university. Looking back, we have realized that as we began studying and exploring our various chosen art forms, we were all drawn to art that declares Truth. While we do not perform as Christian artists, we are artists who are Christians. Whether writing lyrics that wrestle with important things or a melody that feels inspired — our work is informed by our faith but is not bound to a genre.

About our music

Johnny Cash, John Denver, Ryan Adams, Brandi Carlile, Ben Harper -- we have a broad range of musical influences and favorites. We're continually adding original tunes and also enjoy covering some of our favorite songs by others, from "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to Bright Eyes' "Another Traveling Song." As Johnny Cash once said, if we like a song and think we can perform it, "no one is safe." 

Hear us play live!

Register below for the Anselm Society's 2015-16 Year Kickoff Party on September 4!