About the work

Both my pieces in this exhibit are from a series about issues women face and highlight suffering, being held captive, and having resilience to overcome pain.

About the Artist


I was raised in Southern California. I then became interested in serving others overseas and sharing my faith with those who have never had a chance to hear of the wonderful love of Jesus. I joined an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and served in Thailand for 10 years working with Southeast Asian refugees and Thai nationals. I saw first hand the issues faced by women in developing nations.

All the while I had a passion for all things creative. During a very difficult season in my life in which I moved to Ashland OR to care for my mother, my love for watercolor painting was rekindled.

I find watercolor a medium that not only allows freedom and spontaneity but also shines with brilliant translucent color. I want my work to reflect the beauty of creation both in nature and in mankind. My subjects range from intricate lace still life and vivid florals, to portraits highlighting social issues.

Purchase Information

Resilience-Watercolor 16" x 20" Stretched paper over bars $350.00. Any checks can be mailed to: Kris Storey 624 N Prospect St Colorado Springs CO 80903 719-632-8602

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