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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Registration, Coffee, Conversation
The Dining Room

Unremarkable Opening Remarks
Brian Brown
The Dining Room


Opening Lecture: 9:30am

Not to be confused with Remarks.


Enchantment and Reality
Andrew Peterson
The Dining Room



Session 2 Lectures: 10:15am

Choose 1 of 2, because we like to torture you with thoughts of what you're missing (throughout the day, the talks listed last will be directed more towards an audience of vocational artists--but pick whatever sounds most exciting to you!)


Magicians and Medievalists
Lanier Ivester
The Chapel

How can we seek out (or create) art, literature, and music that meets the needs of people in today’s disillusioned, materialistic culture? Is the shallow and the ugly all we are fit for? In this lecture, we will delve into the medieval mind with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, seeking re-enchantment and myths made real. Our aim: to pull back the veil of familiarity from what Lewis called the “rich significance” of things we already know, and see the world with sacramental eyes.


The Freed Imagination: Ethics and the Artist
Heather Walker Peterson
Upstairs Conference Room

As a Christian writer or artist, do you feel that you have to be self-conscious about your imagination? Do you worry about misleading an audience, or have you been told that you cannot use certain images or words? Drawing from the work of Oliver O’Donovan, in this lecture, we will explore what it means to be an ethical Christian artist, and how to create in the freedom God grants.


Break and Book SIGNING: 11:15AM

Breaks throughout the day will be an opportunity to journal, talk, stretch legs, relax in quiet spaces, buy books and merchandise, and enjoy a variety of other exhibits and activities.

Book Signing: Andrew Peterson


The Lunching: 11:30AM

The Dining Room


Session 3 Lectures: 1:00pm

Choose 1 of 2


A Narnian Catechism
Fr. Matt Burnett
Upstairs Conference Room

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. It’s possible we know this verse too well, and have forgotten the sheer impossibility of the call. How do we even begin responding to it when the world has far more time and opportunity to shape our loves than the church does? Based on groundbreaking doctoral research and parish ministry, this lecture will illuminate how the Narnia Chronicles bring the ancient catechisms to life, providing a way to ground who we are biblically and historically, and opening our theological imaginations for a re-enchanted faith.


Wonder and the Artist’s Task
Ben Holsteen
The Chapel

We live in a world where our sight is veiled. Beyond the veil of what we see is something so terrible in its beauty and holiness and goodness that we cannot look on it with our eyes and live. And yet, that veiled reality is precisely what we must see with the eyes of our hearts. In this lecture; with the help of Madeleine L’Engle, Thomas Merton, and original musical adaptations of Rilke’s Duino Elegies; we will confront the commission of the artist: to cultivate the attentivenessthat allows us to peek behind the veil, to see the world as it is, “charged with the grandeur of God,” and join with the Holy Spirit in the work of opening eyes.

Break: 2:00pm


Session 4 Workshops: 2:30pm

Choose 1 of 5


Lancia Smith
Magic as Discipleship
Literature and Imagination in the Role of Spiritual Formation


Joel Clarkson
Yes, You Are a “Creative Type”
How Liturgy Makes Everyone an Artist


Fr. Ken Robertson
Ancient Music and Your Daily Life
Meeting God in the Practices of the Past


Diana Glyer
I Want to Be an Inkling
Practical Steps for Building Your Artist Community


Ashlee Cowles
The Integrated Imagination: Lessons from Middle Earth
Becoming a Better Creator by Engaging with Time


Community Time

Happy Hour
Dining Room

There will be an excellent cash bar open, as well as more coffee and tea. This is a chance to discuss what we’ve heard, get to know people a little better, or squirrel yourself away for some thinking, prayer, or writing.

The Downtown Restaurant of Your Choice

We will provide maps and recommended spots; the conference venue is two minutes from some of our best pubs, restaurants, microbreweries and distilleries, and more. Guests can sally forth with old or new friends, and Anselm staff and artists will lead groups as well so that no one feels left out. Speaker and workshop leader meals will be paid for by the Anselm Society, so if you are not with an Anselm staff member, keep your receipt!



Final Session: 7:30pm

Andrew Peterson in Concert
Andrew Peterson