Will tomorrow’s Church be inspired “further up and further in” by a new generation of great artists?

Or will its faith (and numbers) stagnate as it settles for the simple and the shallow?

Patrons are the supporters of the arts. In the days when the Church was creating the most beautiful art in the world, many of its artists relied on patrons for financial support, housing, career advancement, and more.

Back then, patrons had to be rich—but no longer. The Anselm Society is becoming a next-generation network in support of great art, and everyone can be a part of it.

Most of our patrons give financially. Many also help by spreading the word about events and opportunities (a network that now reaches tens of thousands of people). Still others volunteer time, provide expertise, and donate talents like photography and A/V editing. All are dedicated to renewing the Church through a renaissance of the Christian imagination.

Patrons Enjoy:

Members-Only Events

like dinners with out-of-town speakers, writers' workshops, artist events, and more.


to meet and learn from local artists, and get first crack at tickets to packed houses.


to future exclusive online content as we grow the membership benefits further.


with a growing community of people with a shared passion--the sky is the limit!

Patron levels:

Rivendell: $100/mo or $1,000/year**

Gondor: $50/mo or $500/year**

Rohan: $25/mo or $250/year*

Shire: $10/mo or $100/year*

*Includes invitation and free admission to all member artist events.
**Includes invitation and free admission to all member artist events, and several special VIP events each year.

We also consider in-kind donations (e.g. graphic design, photography, marketing work) on a case-by-case basis, and of course we welcome larger donation amounts. Contact us to discuss!