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Morning and Evening Prayer Throughout Advent

Holy Trinity is doing morning and evening Advent prayer from the Book of Common Prayer every weekday (except Tuesday nights) throughout Advent. Mondays 7am and 7pm Tuesdays 7am Wednesdays 7am and 7pm Thursdays 7am and 7pm Fridays 7am and 7pm

If you want a 20-minute break from the pace of American December, and to be reminded what Advent is for, join us. All are welcome.

What to expect:

The full text can be found here (click "Daily Office"). You are welcome to come a few minutes early for individual silent prayer.

Holy Trinity is located at:

13990 Gleneagle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.

Call us if you have any questions: 719-331-3084.

"Advent: A Reminder" by Ruth Moon

Advent: a reminder that redemption

is pending. It shimmers

in the icy air;

the cinnamon steam

rising from coffee mugs;

the patch of blue sky

above the sanctuary steps.

Until then, our limitations loom

as someone misses the high note by a half step,

confuses heaven and hell in the Creed,

or burns a finger lighting the candle of hope

on Sunday morning.


-Ruth Moon