by Clay Clarkson

Not a candle burning, not a fire to warm Quietly the Light of Life filled the darkened room Gently in a manger laid, Immanuel had come By the light of heaven, Heaven's Child was born

Shepherds were abiding with their flocks that night Wakened from their slumber by a blinding light Angels in the heavens filled their hearts with song Messiah, Lord and Savior, Heaven's Child was born

Bethlehem was calling, there they'd find the babe Wrapped in common swaddling, in a manger laid Joyfully they sought Him, the angels' Promised One Hearts were filled with praises, Heaven's Child was born

Praise the child of heaven! Praise the newborn King! Praise the Lord and Savior! Grateful hearts must sing. God has come to save us, on this glorious morn Gifts of praise we'll offer, Heaven's Child is born


***can be sung as lyrics to the tune of "In the Bleak Midwinter"***