In this World Cup special, Mere Orthodoxy's Jake Meador explains U.S. soccer culture's many lessons for artists.

Our Guest

Jake Meador is the lead writer and editor-in-chief of Mere Orthodoxy and is a writer and editor from Lincoln NE. In addition to his work with Mere Orthodoxy, Jake is also an editor with Fare Forward, the creator of the soccer magazine The Inside Channel, a contributing editor at Just Football, and a tactics writer with Cartilage Free Captain. He also serves on the board of the Davenant Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting reformed scholarship and ressourcement.

His work has been published in First Things, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, Front Porch Republic, and the University Bookman. He has a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jake lives in Lincoln NE with his wife Joie, daughter Davy, and son Wendell. Find him on Twitter @jake_meador or email pitches to him at


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