Help us launch a strategic effort to reunite the church and the arts!

We’ve seen a ton of artists, churches, and people within churches that want to bring beauty back to the church, help churches do ministry to and through artists, and capture the imaginations of a generation with the Kingdom of God.

But they need a lot more resources than are out there—and that’s what we’re asking you to help fix.

In January, we aim to launch the REDEEMED IMAGINATION podcast, a new podcast that will round out our trifecta—-in it, our incredible board (Lancia, Matt, Joel, Heidi, and Brian) will tackle the big practical topics surrounding the reintegration of the arts and the church. On top of that, we’re building a supplementary publication, online courses, and church coaching materials.

But we need to raise a minimum of $3,000* to cover new equipment and operational expenses (and yes, our other podcasts will get to use that equipment too!).

#GivingTuesday is a day every year when people take to social media to help their favorite nonprofits raise money. Last year nonprofits collected more than $277M on #GivingTuesday, fueled by the power of more than 1.5 billion social media impressions.

On November 27, will you give generously to help us hit our goal of $3,000—or even our stretch goals?

And regardless of whether you can give that day, will you SHARE this link on social media along with your story of why you want to see a renaissance of the Christian imagination?

In the first year of the podcast, we’re going to tackle topics like:

  • What exactly is a Christian imagination?

  • Art vs. sermons in spiritual formation

  • How to create a church environment that is hospitable to artists

  • Creating from the Christian artistic tradition

  • How to navigate a church that doesn’t (yet) appreciate beauty

  • Different art forms and how they do (and don’t) plug into church

  • How to launch an arts ministry in your congregation

  • How to relate to the church as an artist

  • And a TON more!

*If we raise MORE than $3,000, we’ll spend that money on a little bit of extra equipment, a fund to help us promote the podcast to more people, and basic VIDEO equipment to help us send more awesome visual content to the internet! (We can seriously spend about $11,000 on all this, so don’t stop if you see we’ve hit $3k! The more we raise, the faster we can produce the kind of wonderful content we want to be able to provide to you.)