"Our life will be decided by how we handle disappointment. Do we ignore it, slowly numbing ourselves from any real desires? Do we sink into a permanent state of griping, as bitterness takes over our personality and life like a parasitic weed? Or do we grieve, wash our faces, and stoop to pick up worn out tools, praying for new energy and creativity to make something beautiful with the shards and pieces we’ve been given."

In this episode of Speaking with Joy, we explore the theme of disappointment through the honesty of the Mancunian punk band the 1975, the gentle correction of the film Ladies in Lavendar, and the grounded hope of Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry.


A podcast that explores pieces of great art and discusses how art shapes our character and our world. Hosted by Joy Clarkson, this wonderful addition to our podcast family gives listeners the chance to delight in classics you might have missed.

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