Scroll down further to meet the Anselm Fellows, an amazing international group of scholars, pastors, and artists who have helped the Anselm Society become what it is today.


Leadership Team

All leadership team members (except members-at-large) direct teams of volunteer staff in making our programs go.



These wonderful people have played pivotal roles in building Anselm into what it is today, and have moved on to other cities, other roles, or to focus on their art.

Heather Walker Peterson, Bill Thielker, Clay Clarkson, Michelle Drake, Marcus Robinson, Fr. Matt Burnett

Anselm Fellows

We owe a debt of gratitude to many people, including these friends, speakers, and advisers whose wisdom and support have helped us grow. The Anselm Fellows have spent time with us and continue to work internationally with us to foster a renaissance of the Christian imagination.

Michael Ward, Malcolm Guite, Andrew Peterson, Diana Glyer, Hans Boersma, Anthony Esolen, John Skillen, Junius Johnson, Peter Leithart, Sarah Clarkson, Amber Salladin, Sally Lloyd Jones, Carolyn Arends, Rod Dreher, Scott Cairns, S.D. Smith, Martyn Minns, Lanier Ivester, Matthew Clark, Glenn Paauw, Corey Latta, Joel Barstad, Christopher Mitchell