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Administration and Events

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Brian Brown

Executive Director
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Brian founded the Anselm Society in 2013 and has served as its executive director ever since. A graduate of Princeton University, he is also CEO of Narrator, a nonprofit consulting firm. Brian is a fan of T.S. Eliot, Anthony Esolen, and Jane Austen.

Michelle Hindman

Director of Hospitality
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Michelle keeps the Anselm Society going, translating vision to details as she takes the lead in executing our events and some of our communications. She also teaches literature at a classical school, writes for Humane Pursuits, and has a knack for captivating a room with her retellings of stories from classic literature. She is a graduate of Westmont College.

Ben Holsteen

Coordinator, Music Programs
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After a career as lead singer in a rock band, Ben Holsteen became a church music director, where he developed a keen interest in re-integrating the past into today's church music. He is the music director at Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Nathan Moore

Administrative Assistant

Nathan started as Anselm's sound technician; he's the main reason you can enjoy the audio of so many of our lectures. In early 2017, his belief in Anselm's mission pushed him in deeper, as he joined the administration to work with Brian on donor relations, communications, and youth audience development. Nathan is a U.S. Marine reservist, homeschool high school alum, and soccer (sorry, football) enthusiast.


Arts Guild

Marcus Robinson

Director, Arts Guild
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Marcus Robinson joined as director of the Arts Guild in early 2016. He is a singer-songwriter, Anglican priest, and pastor of Crossover Church in downtown Colorado Springs. Part of his journey has been to reclaim his identity as both an artist and minister, and he wants to see the conversation about Christianity in Colorado Springs change from personalities and ministries to the wonders of the kingdom of God. Email Marcus.


Christina Brown

Assistant Director
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Christina joined the arts guild in early 2017 to help expand and improve its artists services. A violinist, interior decorator, poet, and short story writer herself, she came to Colorado in 2009 from her beloved West Virginia, an ever-present font of inspiration for her creative endeavors, to settle into the prairie songs of the "Wild West" and make it her home. She studied English, History and Theology at Grove City College near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and loved every moment of immersion in the voices of the past and the present.

Amy Lee

Assistant Director
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Amy Lee joined the Anselm Arts Guild in 2015 as a member artist. In early 2017, she agreed to join its staff to help expand and improve its artist services. She is a practicing writer, with an M.A. in English literature from the University of Virginia. She has a special affection for afternoon tea, travelogues, bookstores and old books (though, sadly, not their smell!), Shakespeare’s later plays, the Inklings, cottage gardens, em dashes (more attachment than affection), Anne Shirley, fruit pies, and reading children’s literature aloud “with voices.” You can read her artist profile here.


AdvisorY BOARD

Matt Burnett

Matt Burnett is the rector at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. Born in Texas, he received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas A&M, worked for Compassion International all over the world, and founded Knowledge Builders, a small consulting company. He received his M.Div. from Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh in 2002, and founded Holy Trinity in 2004. In addition to his beloved work in the parish, he is currently working on his doctorate, for which his dissertation focuses on the value of C.S. Lewis's fiction to catechesis and training up the next generation of the Church. He is married to Lauren and has three sons.

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Lancia Smith

Lancia E. Smith is the founder and director of The Cultivating Project. She has been a professional photographer for 30 years, but is a writer by her deepest inclinations. She loved letters and words from before she could use them just as she danced before she could walk. Reading became her saving grace as a child growing up in traumatic circumstances. From her first encounter with each of them, she has held an abiding interest in the works and lives of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George Macdonald (most especially Lewis).

Joel Clarkson

Joel Clarkson is a composer, author, an all-around artistic handyman. Joel has provided original award-winning music for numerous feature and short films, and has also received high praise as a concert composer and orchestrator. His love for creative writing led him into Christian publishing, where he has co-authored two books, The Lifegiving Home Experience, and A Different Kind of Hero (both with Tyndale Momentum), and into audiobook narration, where his work on the beloved children’s fantasy The Green Ember was nominated in Audible’s ‘Best of 2015.’ He and his sister Joy helm the Anselm Member Artist band Two Benedictions, and have found great happiness in sharing in that venture with their Colorado community through The Anselm Society.

Heidi White

Heidi White is a homeschooling mother and the co-director of The Journey School, a hybrid classical school in Colorado Springs, where she teaches literature and Latin. She is the founder and director of Journey Together, a local program that curates cultural enrichment events for adults. She writes fiction, poetry and essays. She lives on 5.5 acres in the Colorado woods where her children climb trees while she drinks coffee and reads books on the porch.

Staff Alumni

These wonderful people have played pivotal roles in building Anselm into what it is today, and have moved on to other cities or to focus on their art.

Heather Walker Peterson

Bill Thielker

Clay Clarkson


Anselm Fellows

We owe a debt of gratitude to many people, including these friends, speakers, and advisers whose wisdom and support have helped us grow (click photos for more information). The Anselm Fellows have spent time with us and continue to work internationally with us to foster a renaissance of the Christian imagination.