About ME

Spending 40 years in the business world was a blip in the road to my true calling.  Looking back on those years, I now understand that I was always meant to return to my roots.  From my earliest days, spent drawing on walls and defacing the parental home library with sketches, drawing and painting was my real interest.  Guided firmly by my spiritual self, I finally found my way back.  I am now entrenched in my calling, spending days at the easel.

Like others, my spiritual journey elevates my art.  Difficult as it is, sometimes, Godly support, propels me constantly forward, disregarding my human struggles.

Artists gain inspiration from countless sources.  Some work alone, not needing others around for camaraderie.  Personally, I am energized by others, constantly amazed by the creative spirit.  Having a guild like this is one more facet of expanding my roster of social outlets.

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