About Me

I was convinced I had no sense of creativity. In my 30's living in Vermont, I began with gardening & quilting and went on to spinning, weaving and basketry. I found healing and a sense of dignity through creativity and was aware this was a gift from God. I had a lot of encouragement and training from the Von Trapps during those years - both spiritually and creatively. When we went into missions as a family in 1990, I had no outlet for creativity and in 1995 started to pursue watercolor, as it was portable. In 2001, I finally took a 3 month course in art and began painting portraits of people groups that I had worked with - giving me a voice and giving them a voice. These are the things I'm passionate about and creativity is part of all of my life!

About my Faith

I was raised a Catholic in Massachusetts - going to 10 years in their schools. I took God very seriously. Then life hit me hard and I reached out in many denominations for help and came up empty. In the mid '70s, living in Vermont, one of the von Trapps led me to a personal relationship with Jesus, I was baptized in their pond, and was discipled for several years by them and others. As a family we joined the training branch of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), University of the Nations. I was involved with schools of Intercession, Art and Community Development for 17 years - full time, living on support. I'm presently going to Antioch Church. We left the mission 10 years ago.

The biggest problem facing Christian artists today?

Being an artist within the "church" has been a frustrating journey. I've found offering to serve the Kingdom with my giftings, for the most part, is ignored or misunderstood. I think most people don't understand the role of the artist for the Kingdom. I wish the artist's work were valued, both monetarily, as well as for the influence it can have in discipling communities and nations.

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