There is always a thread of prayer running through everything I write.

Q&A with Marcus

1. What is your area of focus as an artist?


2. How did you get started in your field? Who or what has helped shape your pursuit of excellence in your art? 

Like many songwriters, I started writing to cope with teenage angst and heartbreak.  I cut my teeth listening to the music of my older siblings.  The music on the radio and songs from church shaped my consciousness.  I took up a guitar and began to find my own voice.  I’ve written bad songs for years and years.  My songwriting has been shaped by the likes of Billy Joel, The Beatles, Elton John, Van Morrison, Sting, Counting Crows, Patty Griffin, Over the Rhine, and countless others.  I’m always listening for sounds and lyrics that move my own heart.  More and more I’ve found such resonance from poets like Malcolm Guite, Li Young Lee, Scott Cairns, and Wendell Berry.

3. What are some themes or motifs that appear in your work? 

 My songs mostly focus on the themes of longing," redemption," love," brokenness," hope"… basically the great human struggle.

4. Where do you go for inspiration? 

Poets and other songwriters inspire me with their unique visions and language.  I go again and again to the wellspring of poetry and story in Scripture.  I glean from novels, stories, and  theological works connecting the human experience to God.

5. How has your faith shaped the development of your art? 

My songwriting helps me connect to God and his unfolding story through my faith in him. There is always a thread of prayer running through everything I write.

6. What role do you hope your art will play in the renaissance of the Christian imagination, and in encouraging and serving others? 

I hope my songs inspire visions of Christ stepping into real brokenness and sin - bringing the desperately needed restoration, hope, and beauty our hurting hearts crave.

7. Where can we find your work?

About Me

I started writing songs as an angst-filled teen to learn to cope with heartbreak and conflict, but have since been pulled into the mysterious and beautiful tug of prayer and faith that has migrated into the lyrics and chords that I write. Song-writing helps me connect with God and his story for my life, and the lives of those he loves.

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