About Me

Brokenness is a beautiful thing. I’m all about transformation, breaking and remaking. I like my art to emulate God’s healing. My faith journey is what began my artistic journey and continues to motivate me. At the age of 41 God gave me a metaphor based on my brokenness in the form of mosaics. I believe art is healing and can be instructive on our spiritual journeys; I conduct workshops based on The Mosaic Experience.

My process is intuitive – my muse is nature. I am open to using just about any material to make a mosaic or mixed media piece.

I love to be outside; I am outside any time I have the time. It is where I reflect, rejuvenate, and commune with God. I enjoy skiing - I get to be on the top of a mountain in the winter! I love weather and the beauty that it brings to my days.

Adoption has been a big part of my journey too (click link and go to page 4).

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