About Me

I am a writer and photographer and actively engaged in both crafts. I am also a speaker and do training workshops related to writing, particularly related to spiritual development of writers and artists. I work with the C.S. Lewis Foundation in a variety of roles including official event photographer. I host a website called Cultivating the Good, the True and the Beautiful and have founded The Cultivating Project - a project dedicated to highlighting the lives of believing creatives living out their callings to creative excellence, spiritual maturity, and commitment to community and to training young creatives to do likewise.

I am passionate about the triune God, words, images, and connecting invisible elements to tangible forms. I am passionate about community, spiritual development and the disciplining of writers and artists. And I am passionate about the lives and works of C.S. Lewis, J.R. R. Tolkien, the Inklings as a creative community and George Macdonald, but especially Lewis. What do I like to spend my time doing when I am not creating? I love to garden, read, host dinner parties, and if I am really lucky - spend some time on Pinterest! And best of all, I love having my husband Peter read out loud to me!

About my Faith

I came to Christ when I was 15 and an orphan, but loved God as long as I had any sense that God exists - so around 4. My faith has permeated every single aspect of my life and has carried me through some very dark times as well as times of great fruit and healing. While I have been involved in a number of denominations and served in various leadership capacities over a 25 year span, currently I am non-denominational and have been engaged in house church planting for the past 9 years. My faith absolutely shapes, infuses, fuels and is the end point of my work as a writer and photographer. When I am making portraits, written or visual, I lend my mind, spirit and body to the Lord to use to create portraits of people to see themselves in some way as He sees them. I see that work as an integral part of His redemption being enfleshed in this time and space. For me, there is no part of writing or photography, web-design, or discipling that doesn't relate to faith. It is all an act of worship and obedience to the call He placed in me as a newborn to make beauty and be courageous.

The biggest problem facing Christian artists today?

The spurning of the value and belonging of the creatives in the Body of Christ over generations has created an environment in many places where believing creatives have left the community of faith to practice their craft in secular places and so become isolated and cut off. Those who have remained often practice craft at mediocre levels giving "Christian Arts" a bad name. One of the biggest problems in the Christian arts scene is the need to give honour back to artists labouring as they are made to and to invite all believers to find courageous voices in this time. Community and discipling must ' hold-hands" so to speak, just as labouring to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem in Nehemiah's time required both trowel & sword. We need to do both: welcome and train for excellence.

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