The launch of the Anselm Society Book Club was fun and rewarding! The nine who attended -- plus a charming four-month-old and one senior dog -- munched on snacks while spending some time getting to know on another and learning each person's relationship to the Anselm Society and to art. before we discussed the introduction to Putting Art (Back) in Its Place by John Skillen. The group voted to meet every two weeks this summer.

On June 15 at 7 pm we will be discussing the first section of Putting Art (Back) in Its Place by John Skillen- on the Place of Architecture.

Dr. Skillen served as one of the keynote speakers at the 3rd annual Imagination Redeemed Conference last month, and his work has profoundly influenced our vision of a healthy relationship between pastors, artists, audience, and patrons.

Anyone should feel free to come— even if they haven't done the reading. Just join us! For directions, please send an email to

Image: Façade of the Duomo di Orvieto.