Three speakers. Three journeys into the minds of master artists. One truth about God illuminated through art.

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Focal Topic for this Month: Teach Us To Pray

God is close and near, but he is also invisible. So how do we know God? Why is it that some people seem to be more attuned to the spiritual realm than others? Imagination, in the form of memory and in the form of dreaming, is actually a crucial element in a right understanding of how to enter into prayer. And the answer goes deeper than a doctrinal turn of phrase can fully reveal...but not deeper than we can perceive through art.


Fr. Bryan Wandel is an Anglican priest, government accountant, and amateur writer. He recently moved his family back to his native Buffalo, New York, after a decade away, and they are starting a new church on the West Side of the city. Bryan also organizes Buffalo's only faith & ideas lecture series, The Nickel City Forum: Microbrews and Macroquestions. 

Terri Moon has performed as a violinist in Colorado Springs for the past 25 years, and specializes in the repertoire of the Baroque era. She is especially interested in serving as a church musician and sharing her love for the great heritage of music that can bring a richness to a personal and corporate experience of the Christian faith. 

Kristopher Orr is a visual artist in Colorado Springs. After earning his Bachelors of Arts in Art from Belhaven College, Kristopher apprenticed under the famed artist Thomas Blackshear. From Thomas, Kristopher developed a love for shapes and understanding the way lines and forms interact to press into space and tell stories. Among many other works, Kristopher did the cover art for Jeffrey Overstreet's "Auralia's Colors" fantasy series.

About the Enchanted Theology Series

St. Anselm defined theology as "faith seeking understanding"...a fuller, deeper, richer apprehension of God was not the niche quest of academics, but a central element of the Christian life. And the ancient church understood truth, goodness, and beauty as inextricable parts of a whole. But too often today, truth in the form of theology is separate from one if not both of the other two.

In this series, we will return to the more ancient approach, exploring beautiful truths of the Christian faith through the work of master writers, artists, and composers throughout the ages. Each session will be co-taught by a pastor and two artists, and involve a lot of audience participation. Stay on your toes, and prepare to be swept up in the beauty, truth, and goodness of God.


Photo Gallery

Photos by Teressa Mahoney