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Kyle Strobel
Author of "Harry Potter and the Christian Way of Power"

About the Event

"Ever since I first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone I fell in love with the characters and Rowling’s wizarding world. But as I heard certain Christians critiquing the books, I couldn’t help but think they failed to grasp what these books were about. Harry Potter is about magic the same way that The Lord of the Rings is about jewelry. Magic is the context to address something more universal and foundational; these stories cut to the core concerning what it means to be human. My hope in this short book is to provide a reading of the Harry Potter narratives that exposes the depth of Rowling’s insight, revealing the distinctively Christian vision of her writing. I also hope this e-book will help create a context for Christian parents to read the Harry Potter stories along with your children and use them to talk about the Christian life. To engage the wizarding world as a Christian entails entering this world with the same depth of imagination and creativity as your child while remembering that the wizarding world is meant to expose the reality of our own world; fantasy is meant to expose reality."

About the Speaker

Dr. Kyle Strobel teaches spiritual theology at Biola University for Talbot’s Institute for Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Formation Focus programs. His areas of interest include systematic theology, Jonathan Edwards, spiritual formation, and prayer. He writes both popular and academic books and articles, having published in the Harvard Theological ReviewJournal of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care, and Relevant Magazine.