• Downtown Fine Spirits and Wines ("Catacomb Room") (map)
  • 103 South Wahsatch Avenue
  • Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
  • United States

Our August 2017 pub night will feature Colorado musical artist Tim Coons! Come join us for an evening of exploration, music, community, and of course food and drink!

We will provide drinks for this event, but the food will be potluck style, so this is a chance to be a part of our community's wonderful hospitality! Sign up here to provide food, and save $5 off your ticket! http://www.perfectpotluck.com/meals.php?t=XHBH1181

About Tim Coons

Tim Coons’ indie-folk music is filled with eclectic, singer-songwriter anthems on home, love, and struggle. The extensive songwriting work features a wide assortment of instruments and arrangements. Tim and his wife Betony met in Kansas, but fell in love in Colorado. That’s where they live today, married 11 years, raising three girls, and working the fields of art and music together. 

Listen to some of Tim's music here