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Preview Matthew's latest album, Beautiful Secret Life, a collection of 26 conversational songs about seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

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Good songs and stories are sticky notes or a string around a finger – things that stay with me and remind me of the truth and the hope that I so easily forget. Songs can speak deeply, and both uncover buried grief and shed light on forgotten hope – they help me keep faith. In my own life, songs have opened up a way to a world beyond themselves where there’s more redemption, more joy, more beauty, and greater love than I had ever dreamed possible.” – Matthew Clark

About Matthew Clark

In our fast-paced media marketplace culture, connections among people so easily become utilitarian and impersonal. What sets Matthew Clark apart as an artist is his desire to slow down and make the effort to be tuned in to a richer way of living. In a hurried, dislocated world, often the music we take in is like eating candy for dinner alone. Clark’s approach is more like lingering with friends around the kitchen table over a home-cooked meal and the interweaving of life’s stories.

Matthew Clark’s most recent album, Come Tell Your Story, combines an eye for the resonate personal narrative and musicianship one might find in the work of David Wilcox or Paul Simon with the human warmth and spiritual depth of artists like Rich Mullins and Andrew Peterson. Clark’s keen ability to give tangible immediacy to the Bible shines on, Bright Came the Word from His Mouth, a concept album based on Wheaton professor and Old Testament specialist Dr. Sandra Richter’s book, The Epic of Eden (InterVarsity Press, 2008).