• Holy Trinity Anglican Church (map)
  • 13990 Gleneagle Dr
  • Colorado Springs, CO, 80921
  • United States

John Griffin
Designer & Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, School of Architecture

About the Event

We talk about stewarding the natural environment, but what about the built environment? What about our streets, neighborhoods, and cities? How can we promote manmade environments that help people in their pursuit to live well in community with one another?

This lecture (with reference to traditional towns and cities) will explore these questions and the question of how Christians can think about their role in the city.

About the Speaker

John Griffin is a practicing design professional and educator who has experience working in the US, UK, and Central America on a variety of project types and scales, from mixed-use urban infill projects to neighborhood and regional master plans.  John and his wife Jennifer have received multiple New Urbanism Charter Awards for their work, most recently for a planning project in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

John and Jennifer’s current academic work includes research on the relationship between the built environment and human flourishing, with particular consideration for the manifestation of the sacred in cities.