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Finding the Creator in an Ugly World

We've all been moved by something beautiful, be it the majestic glory of a snow-capped mountain or the homey chords of a country song. And most of us have been told that beauty can point us to God. But this often clashes with how we’re used to approaching God, where we’ve taught ourselves that beyond our daily bread, it is only the invisible and spiritual that matter.

How would God have us think about beauty? We often find God in unexpected places, but are there places we should expect to find Him? Can we balance the earthly beauty that moves us and the God of beauty that made it?

In this conversation, dynamic speaker Junius Johnson will explore why beauty moves and inspires us, and how we were made to encounter God more deeply through it.


About the Speaker

Junius Johnson is a scholar, freelance writer, and musician. His captivating conversation with us during his last visit kept an entire room on their toes as our ideas were challenged and strengthened. And that was before he started an exploration of the moral themes in the Marvel superhero movies!

Junius is assistant professor of historical theology at Baylor University. He previously taught sacred music at Yale Divinity School, where he was affiliated with our friends at the Rivendell Institute.

About the 2015-16 Series

Longing is a common theme among American Christians. 

  • Some of us snap up the new "life-changing" book that's hit the market each year (Purpose Driven Life, Daniel Diet, etc.), but wonder why we always need the next one. 
  • Others occasionally indulge in imagining what it would be like to experience a Christianity that is more connected to the past, or cared more about beauty, or had an impact that stuck with us a little further into the week. 
  • Still others think we've found what we're searching for in some form of liturgical Christianity, but know we've barely scratched the surface of the riches before us. Or perhaps we've always been in that tradition, but wonder if its inheritance could be put to even better use.

Wherever on (or off) this spectrum you might find yourself, our 2015-16 series will explore the "more" for which you've been longing. We will explore the riches of our spiritual inheritance as Christians, using stirring visual art, writing, and music to illuminate aspects of the historic Christian faith and inspire our imaginations to go ever deeper.