About My work

I am an aspiring novelist and currently a writer of creative non-fiction. I write essays for the online blogging collective youareherestories.com (where you can find my pieces). I write fiction based on the European fairy tale tradition and am in the process of submitting some shorter-length fiction to literary magazines for publication.

About Me

I have a Masters degree in folklore and fairy tale theory. For a long time, I believed I would be a teacher or professor but gradually I came to realize that I wanted to write fiction more than I wanted to teach it. I have been a Christian since I was a child and grew up on a steady diet of Lewis and Tolkien thanks to my parents who are lifelong readers. I am passionate about good writing and connecting with people through it. When I am not creating, I spend time hiking and going to art shows with my husband, Dan, and experimenting with fun foods in the kitchen.

About My Faith

I grew up in the Evangelical Covenant Church. I owe a lot to this tradition in that it taught me about the Trinity and the importance of a personal relationship with Christ very early in my life. I left the denomination several years ago because I was on a quest to find other artists who embrace a life of faith but who are not afraid to express their thoughts and doubts fully in their writing. For me, faith and a life of art are deeply entwined. I have seen many fine Christian artists limit themselves because they are afraid of deeper expression or of what people might think. I began attending Anglican services several years ago and have found real freedom, community, artistic support, and spiritual food there.

Thoughts on christianity and the art scene:

The biggest problem with the Christian arts scene today is that it has emerged from a highly consumeristic, unoriginal position. Growing up in the 90s, I experienced the boom of Christian musicians and artists who seemed to be merely copying and sanitizing mainstream artistic expression. I believe we still retain that today. My medium is fiction and I recognize that many Christians, particularly of the Anglican and Catholic traditions are writing excellent fiction. But I am afraid that many more Evangelicals are still fearful or adverse to writing and reading anything other than comforting, formulaic stories.

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