About My work

I am an illustrator/fine artist who is comfortable designing on both computer and canvas. I tend to create very fun, colorful and whimsical monsters, dragons and robots doing fun things. It’s not specifically Christian art, but when I get the chance to convey something about the Kingdom of God, I do. My website can be found at www.dansorensen.com. I show around Denver, I’m involved and a member of the Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD), I belong to SCBWI which is the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators and I’ve illustrated 3 books.

About Me

It took a long time being comfortable calling myself an artist. Or even doing art on a regular basis. But being involved in community has been an important chapter of that journey. I love creating and seeing others do it as well. Not only because I believe that’s the gift God’s given me, but because I truly enjoy it and it makes me come alive. When I’m not drawing, I”m reading, catching up on some great tv, movies or music. Doing life with my wife and church community as well as the day job.

About My Faith

I grew up in the Lutheran denomination but after leaving for the military, which ironically led me back into the arts, I was primarily non-denominational. My wife and I are looking for a larger church body but also have a house church that we attend regularly. But it’s primarily been the church, or rather, other Christians that I’ve been in community with that has kept me strong, become my family and inspired and encouraged me to embrace being an artist.

Thoughts on christianity and the art scene:

That’s hard for me to answer because I don’t know what the Christian art scene is. The only thing I can think of is Christian music radio. But as far as visual arts go, I think being in the Denver art scene and showing your art alongside people that don’t know anything or want anything to do with Jesus is absolutely vital. I think the problem arises being able to keep your identity, which of course is very subjective at times, and not being afraid of being known to be a follower of Christ.

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