About Me

I grew up in a crowded mobile home in Virginia, and from a very young age I used story-telling as a means of escape. My first stories were written on empty cardboard toilet paper tubes. That first taste of writing and story-telling left me with a life-long desire to communicate through the written word—more specifically, through stories.

I have come a long way from toilet paper tube fairy tales. Today, I work as a feature writer for Compassion International, a global non-profit that serves more than 1.6 million children in 26 countries. In this role, I have written hundreds of feature articles and blog posts, serving as the organization’s only full-time feature writer.

My job has taken me around the globe as I bring the stories of children in poverty back home to adults in affluence—seeking to both comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable by telling the stories of children who have overcome tremendous obstacles. My features and blog posts are read by more than 500,000 supporters of Compassion.

In short, Brandy Campbell is a a writer, a storyteller, a yarn spinner and a pen pal. She's also a baker, a world traveler, a daughter, a friend and an aunt. She hates mornings, olives, cheap pens, snakes and splinters.

About my Faith

While I still remember the passel of "grandmas" who gave me vanilla-scented hugs every Sunday and prayed for me when I was sick, I also remember sitting on the hard wooden pews hearing about hell. Those were the words I thought of as I huddled in bed at night, reading Little Women with a flashlight, too afraid to sleep, lest I die in the night and go to hell.

Today, I try to practice a faith that is colored with grace. I do want to be a "good person," but I want to be motivated by love and not fear. I want to love people like Jesus did. I know I will fail. I will be awkward. I will mess up. But I want to leave a legacy of love.

The biggest problem facing Christian artists today?

Lack of community! Writing in particular is a solitary activity. I need people who can challenge me to grow and motivate me to keep writing. It's been a community I've searched for as long as I've been writing

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