There are certain questions we hear a lot at the Anselm Society…and a few we wish we heard more often. In 2019, we’ll be offering a lot more in-depth discussion of these big questions on our podcasts and publications, but in the meantime, we asked a few of our wonderful writers to tackle some of the most common ones.

It was once the case that the Christian imagination was shaped (as a matter of course in every church and village) through stories, poems, songs, theater, all kinds of visual art, shared celebrations, and much more. This wasn’t just because people were illiterate (as if people who can read suddenly cease to need spiritual formation outside of holing up with a book). And if the church and the arts are to come back together and provide the kind of powerful people-shaping we so desperately need, pastors and artistic creators are going to need to understand each other better.

This series, we hope, is a helpful step in that direction.

Brian Brown, Director
The Anselm Society