Will tomorrow’s Church be inspired “further up and further in” by a new generation of great artists?

It's up to you.

The Anselm Arts Guild is the renaissance of the Christian imagination in action. Within this local community, our members are actively working to show the truth, beauty and goodness of Christ through the mediums of visual art, music, story, and other creative means.

We believe that member artists shape the imagination of today’s Church. The vision of our Arts Guild is to provide those artists with the spiritual, technical, artistic, and social resources to grow and to touch lives.

We are looking for people who have:

  • A commitment to excellence, and the betterment of their craft (ineffective for Jesus is still ineffective).
  • A belief that good art, whether it explores joy and exhilaration or darkness and pain, is a window into truth, beauty, and ultimately, God.
  • A desire to improve the arts scene in Colorado Springs, and by extension the health of the Church, its members, and the unchurched.
  • A willingness to engage regularly with other artists. Our Guild meets on the second Thursday of every month.

As a member artist, you will enjoy:


Invitations to members-only events, like dinners with out-of-town speakers, artist pub nights, writers’ workshops, art shows, and some VIP events


Members-only support groups, seminars, and other opportunities to help them navigate the world of the artist (and that other world that keeps butting in on it)


Connections with other members, as well as mentoring opportunities (to learn or to teach) so that iron sharpens iron and you can hone your craft!

Apply to become an Anselm Society member artist!

If you are accepted, membership dues are $10/month or $100/year per person, or $20/mo or $200/year per group (e.g. a band). Your dues pay for all the cool members-only events, like workshops, speaker fees, room reservations, etc. See what's coming up this year!

(Applicants must be 21 years of age or older and live on the Colorado Front Range).

We review applications on the first of March, June, September, December and do our best to notify applicants by the 15th of that month.