I started playing music and writing songs as teenager as a matter of survival. All that was initially shaped by my siblings who were a decade older than me and then by my youth pastor who was gifted song writer. I am passionate about authentic worship and friendship. Outside of creating I love listening to music, sharing life with my family, reading, watching movies, and exploring the world.
— Marcus Robinson

About Me

I grew up in one of the first mega churches in Denver, CO.  I became very jaded about Christianity because of the emotionalism and hypocrisy of my home church.  In the midst of that God sent some very authentic youth leaders who help me think deeply and artistically.  I chased my wife to a Bible college in the Northwest and started serving as a youth pastor.  After 20+ years as an associate pastor I planted a church in downtown Colorado Springs and felt I needed to find a new tribe.  I connected with a great group of Anglicans and was ordained as an Anglican priest in April 2015.  

Part of that process has been to reclaim my identity as an artist and minister.  I have struggled to put the two together consistently, but now I am enjoying the journey with encouraging friends through the Art and Faith Group at International Anglican Church.

The biggest problem facing Christian artists today?

Much of it does not stir the imagination.  I love to see Christian art stir people up emotionally and intellectually.  I'd like to see the conversation about Christianity in Colorado Springs change from personalities and ministries to the wonders of the kingdom of God.

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