About My Work

Since October 2012 I've contributed a short story each month to Sena, a print devotional for young adults published by Duranno International Ministry. These stories are also translated into Spanish for an audience spread throughout Latin America. Through this freelance position and its assigned themes, I've had the privilege of exploring topics and genres relevant to today's youth.

I have blogged for over 12 years, but I began writing at Sun Steeped Days in 2014 with the more focused purpose of pursuing beauty back to the Word of God, and to develop skill with narrative nonfiction.

Currently I'm working on a collection of essays about the art and significance of writing letters.

About me

I am a third culture child, a beneficiary and observer of East Asian traditions and American values. Much of my writing is shaped by the homesickness that has dogged me all my life -- a longing that has made me hungry for access to worlds like Narnia and Middle Earth, and for my eternal Home.

I grew up watching my father keep a dictionary at his fingertips so that he could better learn the language that was my native tongue. As I grew, his pursuit of excellence kept me mindful of all that goes into crafting academic papers, persuasive letters, and fictional pieces. Graduate school gave me the opportunity to buckle down and combine the mechanics of building an argument and my appreciation for a good story, and I used it to explore themes of faith in Shakespeare's later romances and medieval literature.

I am passionate about knowing and exploring the Scriptural foundations for what Christians believe, and I'm equally passionate about creating art in such a way that invites and inspires readers to ask questions about our hope, and the Giver of it.

When I'm not writing, I love to cook for my family and friends and snuggle with my daughters. I've been caught singing in empty spaces, and will admit here and only here that I dream up a cappella arrangements as I make late night runs to the store for milk. My husband and I have the best date nights ever, at least as far as introverted homebodies rate them: a good TV show and a satisfying snack are all we ask -- because I'm also really passionate about the intersection where chocolate, butter, and flour meet.

About My Faith

I was raised in an agnostic home with Catholic traditions, and spent most of my childhood in North Carolina. I became a Christian while attending an international school in Korea for six years, and used to spend two hours traveling to an English-speaking Presbyterian church because I was hungry for truth and community.

In part because I've always needed to know the basis of my faith when talking with my family, and in part because I haven't been able to "un-see" Christ's story underlying my smaller ones, faith is woven into my craft. I don't think I could extract it if I tried -- and I really mean this gladly and helplessly, and not in a "holier than thou" way at all.  

In college, for the first time, I was part of a community of believers who purposefully lived out their relation to each other as family in Christ. I am a member of a local church, where my husband and I continue to see the beauty of life shared under the mercy of God.

The biggest problem facing Christian artists today?

I've approached the Christian arts scene as I did Christianity, I think -- as a cultural outsider. From where I stand, it seems that artists must often make a choice between serving people who want something beautiful and contemplative, and packaging their work for a culture that needs something generally Christian to help people survive their daily lives. I wish this dichotomy didn't exist. I deeply wish that the Christian arts scene would become an expression of authenticity and excellence that *also* reaches into the battles of those who have not the breath to look for beauty in a dying world.

And Inklings. I think we could use more Inklings and their brand of robust collaboration everywhere.

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